Introduction To Candle Making Course

Welcome to Introduction To Candle Making.

In this course we'll be covering the basics of candle making and make a pillar candle. This course combines structured instruction with a discussion of the basic principles you need to know to make good candles.

Note that this course covers candle making with paraffin wax which is superior to other wax types for candles. I find that soy wax burns poorly, and do not recommend it, use it, or answer questions about it. Beeswax is a good wax if filtered properly, but often is not and causes problems. Most of these instructions may be applied to any type of wax.

To take this course, please go through the links below to prepare. When ready start with lesson 1 and move on to the next lesson once you have mastered it. This course has been designed to let you progress at your own pace and supply answers to all commonly asked questions and problems.

Cost - This course is provided 100% free for use to anyone who wishes to take it, however our tech support staff can only answer questions from customers in reference to use of our products.

PLEASE NOTE - If not melted properly wax can be quite dangerous so make sure you read and fully understand the safety rules in lesson one before attempting to make any candles.

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