Gem Candle Mold Instructions

Before making any candles, please read our Candle Making Safety Instructions.

Always handle these molds and inserts with care as they have sharp edges which may cause injury.

  1. Make sure the mold is clean and dry.

  2. Coat the mold and insert or inserts with mold release.

  3. Position the inserts inside the mold. Most gem molds have 2 inserts, some have the lower facets built into the mold and come with only the upper insert (M5040).

  4. Once the inserts are in place wick the mold normally. Wicking instructions may be found here.

  5. Fill the mold with melted wax. The wax must cover the upper insert.

  6. Allow the wax to cool and If necessary make a second pour.

  7. When the candle is ready remove the wax and inserts from the mold.

  8. Gently pry the inserts away from the candle. Use extreme caution when handling the sharp inserts.

  9. Clean up any seams with a sharp knife.

  10. Level the base and trim the wick as you would for any candle.

  11. The wax remaining after removal of the inserts may be remelted and used for the next candle.




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