Zinc Core Candle Wicking Chart

This chart lists the recommended wick sizes for various types and sizes of molds. Note that your wick needs may vary depending on your wax formula.

Beeswax - Sizes shown are for paraffin wax candles. Beeswax candles will usually require 1 to 2 sizes larger than those shown for candles of the same type. Note that wick size needed for beeswax will also vary depending on how well it has been processed / filtered. Highly processed beeswax requires a smaller wick than poorly processed beeswax.

Note - We have found that the wick manufacturer's size recommendations are very inaccurate, so we have also included the sizes we use as well as the most popular sellers where appropriate.

Chart Key

Red M - Wick manufacturers recommendation.
Violet O - We use this size.
Green P - Popular size.
Where appropriate, the codes above will include a candle diameter in inches.

For example M 3" would be the wick manufacturer's recommended size for a 3 inch diameter candle.

Zinc Core And Pre Tabbed Wick
Note: We have included the manufacturer's recommendations for zinc core for use in molded candles although we advise against it for such use.
  Tea Light Floater Votive Taper Molded Container
28-24 SP O M M M   M 1" M 1-2"
34-40 O M O P M O M   M 2" M 2"
34-40 SP   O M O P   M 2" M 2"
36-24-24         M 2-3" M 2-3"
44-24-18     O P   M 2-3" O 2" P
M 2-3"
44-32-18         M 3" M 3"
51-32-18         M 2-3" O 3" P
M 2-3"
60-44-18         M 3-4" O 4" P
M 3-4"


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