Basic Geometric Leather Stamping
Layout Grid Instructions

Tony Laier has designed an exciting new line of geometric stamping tool sets and the following are just a few examples of what can be done with them.

1. Casing the leather - Using a moistened sponge wet the leather. Do not soak it. The leather should be slightly moist throughout. Once the leather dries to near its original color, it is properly "cased".

2. This style of stamping works best on a layout grid. The Geometric Tool Grid Craftaid makes layout fast and easy, however you may use a ruler and modeling tool or stylus to layout the grid if you prefer.

If using a craftaid, place it texture side down on the leather. Use a spoon shaped modeling tool to burnish the back of the craftaid to transfer the pattern.

3. This photo shows the proper alignment of the stamping tool on the grid.

The grid will be 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" squares depending on which tools you plan to use.

4. A basic pattern made with a single tool stamped at each intersection of the grid.

Tool 69011 used here.

5. Another single tool pattern. In this one the grid is stamped first. The tool is then used to stamp the center of the circles.

Tool 69008 used here.

6. In this single tool pattern the grid is stamped first. The tool is then rotated 45 degrees and used to stamp the center of the circles.

Tool 69008 used here.

7. This design uses 2 stamps. First the grid is stamped, then the circles are stamped.

Tool 69009 and 69006 used here.

8. Another 2 stamp design. In this one the grid was stamped, then a patterned seeder tool was used to stamp the circles.

Tool 69009 and S343 used here.

9. The above designs are but a small sampling of the wonderful designs possible with geometric stamping using layout grids.


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